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【Book review】
The EU and Global Governance, edited by Prof. Dr. Koji Fukuda
(appeared in europe, Summer 2009)

The book contains chapters by Ambassador Hugh Richardson, Delegation of the European Union to Japan and by Minister-Counselor Willem Van de Voorde, Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Japan. And published by Institute for Research in Contemporary Political and Economic Affairs (IRCPEA) Waseda University Press in April 2009.

Table of Contents

The purpose of this publication is to discuss the relationship between European and global governance by looking at specific policy case studies. In order to provide public goods and services on a global scale to ensure "global public goods" the EU, its member- states, local and regional governments and other "public" actors (the first sector) together with "private" actors, such as limited companies and PLCs (the second sector), NGOs, non-profit organizations and other public benefit groups (the third sector) and individuals, must network with each other and form effective partnerships to build global-scale political and economic systems and achieve international public policy goals. Considering these issues and objectives is critically important for citizens of the EU.

Part II, "Global Governance and the Direction of European Integration" identifies the importance of the EU's "soft power" as a normative force in global governance. An adapted version of the keynote speech by Ambassador Hugh Richardson of the Delegation of the European Union to Japan, discusses the characteristics of the relationship between this concept of soft power and a newly emerging concept of "smart power".

A special address by Minister-Counselor Willem Van de Voorde of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Japan then discusses whether the Treaty of Lisbon (or Reform Treaty), will lead to improvements in global governance.

This publication is based on memorial lectures that were delivered at the Waseda University 2008 Japan-EU Friendship Week Symposium, one of the events commemorating the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Institute for Research in Contemporary Political and Economic Affairs (IRCPEA) of the Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and Economics.

The event, held on May 16, 2008, at the university's Ono Auditorium, was hosted by the IRCPEA and the Waseda Institute for EU Studies, with the support of the EU's Delegation of the European Commission (now, "Union" ) to Japan and the Embassy of Belgium in Japan.